4/21/06-4/23/06 Potter International exhibited at the AYSO section meeting in San Diego. I brought my daughter down to help show the game and we had a blast. We had a great time and I want to thank everyone who stopped by the booth.
10/17/06 We attended the AYSO Region 71 Coaches meeting tonight and was able to talk with a lot of their coaches about the game and camp. A big thank you goes out to Willie Wilson for helping make the arrangements.
5/11/07-5/13/07 We again supported AYSO this year by attending the section meeting held in Long Beach. My wife accompanied me this time and we stayed at the Queen Mary. I must say we had a great time. We had cocktails in the beautiful art deco Observation Bar at the front of the ship. It was just an all around great experience and I highly recommend that you stay there when traveling to the area.
3/28/08-3/30/08 The AYSO section meeting was in San Diego this year and the turnout was outstanding. We stayed at the Ramada Inn across the way from the convention hall. They had this restaurant called "The Tickled Trout" and I give it a thumbs up. It was a British Pub atmosphere. Our booth was right next to Mr. Chocolate again. Somehow, we always wind up near that guy. I think my daughter had more fun running around with his daughter than working in my booth. I gotta work on that. Anyway, it was a great time again and I want to thank everyone who stopped by the booth.
1-25-09 Great news! Potter International is now set up to take VISA and Mastercard. I'm busy setting up the form on the website so that you can imput your credit card information. Bear with me while this change is being made. You asked for it and now ya got it!